Strathpuffer 2018

In its 13th year, the Strathpuffer is one of the world’s toughest 24 hour mountain bike races and is held in the Scottish Highland during the depths of winter. As a competitor in 2017, I came back to support the media team and capture the conditions and the race for 2018.

Interview with Lee Craigie, Co-Director of The Adventure Syndicate.


I meet Katie Entwhistle, part of team Sister Sludge. She is only 13 and er sister Lucia, just 11 years old! We caught up to chat about how it had all been going on Sunday morning.


Lee and I met up on the singletrack to find out how her team, Girls on Wheels, were finding the conditions. Lee was accompanying four girls, just 14 years old, on their first ever mountain bike event – what a race to choose!


With only a few hours to go, I found Lee at the bottom of the track to find out how it had been riding through the night, the course thick with ice and snow.


Interview with Olympic Gold Medalist, Jenny Rissveds for where she shared her thoughts on winning the most sought after medal in the sporting world.


Marianne Vos founder and one of the world’s finest cyclists, I spoke to Marianne Vos ahead of Rio Olympics 2016.


Sally Bigham

Interview with the UK’s most successful mountain biker and 2016 European Marathon Champion, Sally Bigham. Sally Bigham Interview

Jolanda Neff

Interview with Jolanda Neff, the XC 2017 World Champion and one of the most inspiring women on the mountain bike scene. Jolanda Neff World Champion Interview