Endura Pro SL Women’s Range

Endura Women’s Pro SL Lite Jersey

Having tested a range of Endura kit this season, the last piece of summer kit to share with you is their Pro SL Lite Jersey and Bibshort combo. With Cervelo Bigla and Moviestar amongst their road racing ranks, Endura have been working with the pros to make sure their range is right up there with the best.

With summer temperatures rising in the UK and cycling in full swing, here’s my thought on their premium line.

Wms Pro SL Lite Jersey

Every aspect of this cycling jersey feels like it has fallen under the watchful eyes of the weighing scales, with the use of silky soft and feathery light fabrics. Using a mix of polyester and elastane, it’s got plenty of stretch and a sculpted fit to finish.

Lycra arms have been laser cut, result in what I found to be an ultra-comfortable fit, with a slightly longer and in my opinion, a more flatter length. A common finish now on many of the tops I’ve put to test, I also find this results in better durability, as there’s less stitching to go awry due to the lack of hem.

Weight management hasn’t evaded the feature set too; just 3 simple pockets line the back for carrying the usual riding accoutrements. I do like to have a zipper in there somewhere, on account of my unwavering ability to misplace keys. Ask my poor boyfriend.

On Test

Taking the outfit out to the streets, I felt stealthy and sleek thanks to the fit. Fortunately enough, Scotland was in favour with the sunshine and we’ve had remarkably hot days to give a true test to the benefits of the fast-wicking fabric and UPF rating (25).

With silicone gripper lining the body’s hem, it held well during the ride and the pockets whilst light, were simple and useful for the basics. I wouldn’t choose to take this on a long-distance ride where I might find the need for every cm of pocket space, but it’s been a top choice for everyday rides.

Having been worn and washed several times too, the jersey has held up well, given it’s an extra fine, delicate fabric.

RRP £69.99 – £74.99

Women’s Pro SL Bibshort

Matching the jersey to the bibs, the Pro SL Bibshorts use the same half-moon zipper feature to make toilet stops a less faff-filled affair. I will say the zip feels mildly noticeable, not uncomfortable by any means, but I was conscious – yet thankful – for its placing. You might question whether there’s any abrasion or wear from this design as your legs muscles move in time with the pedal motion, however I found whilst riding, I completely forgot and had no issues.

To keep my cool, Endura also use ingredient technology in the form of Coldback. Helping conquer the build of heat for darker fabrics. This also adds sun protection and helpfully assists in keeping your shorts in better condition, without the degradation from the sun’s rays. Good job too, as these are fairly pricey at £124.99, so you’ll be looking for them to last.

Whilst the Pro SL doesn’t claim compression benefits, Endura has employed Italian Power Lycra to do the job of keeping those quads in place. Why, those 3 words alone – Italian, Power and Lycra – do you need anything more to make you feel like a race-worthy superstar? Sadly, cycling requires more than words to do the work for you – but I’ve found these incredibly comfortable for long days on the saddle.

In terms of features, the Pro SL also have a handy bar/ gel stash incorporated in to the rear of the bibs – not ideal for on the move nutrition, but actually it’s a good, secure, deep pocket for food or essentials.

Happy rear, happy ride, right?

The pads come in various sizes and the one on test was the narrowest of options, which I found more than enough. Using the 700 series, these pads have seen rigorous testing and scrutiny within the labs of Gebiomized, a Germany bike fitting specialist.  No pressure points to report, I’d suggest it’s worth those extra coins to get assured comfort.

RRP £124.99

Is it for you?

Endura have certainly pulled the stops out and utilised all manner of resource to deliver a truly lightweight and comfortable premium spec. I’d choose this if you’re less fussed about feature set and looking to watch weight, and go fast.

If you’re tired of wrestling your bibs or avoid them for the obvious reason, then the zipper is a treat.

For sculpted feel and comfort, the Pro SL get a tick on my kit list.

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